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The Prefect System

We encourage the girls to take on responsibility and aim to develop their leadership and inter-personal skills.


Girls from all year groups are selected to be “shadows” for new girls. Shadows are responsible for looking after new girls, showing them where to go and what to do and helping them to integrate into the school until they feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

School Council

The School Council has representatives from each year group and it meets weekly to discuss a range of issues of importance to the girls. The year representatives are responsible for canvassing opinion from their year group and representing their views at the meeting. It is led by a Lower VI Form / Year 12 prefect and is chaired by the Deputy Head.

Food Committee

The Food Committee also has year representatives who meet bi-weekly to discuss all matters related to meals at school, a topic close to everyone’s heart! The Deputy Head chairs the meeting.

Chapel Committee

Members of the Chapel Committee include the Heads of Chapel, Heads of House and other younger members. Led by the school Chaplain the committee meet to discuss all aspects of worship at school.

Once in the senior school the girls have more opportunities to take on responsibility.


Senior girls are selected to become ambassadors. They are responsible for welcoming visitors and giving full tours of the school to prospective parents and girls, as well as other visitors.


A Lower VI Form / Year 12 girl is chosen to be Head Girl. She is supported by a Deputy Head Girl and a team of prefects. Every girl in Lower VI Form / Year 12 holds a position of responsibility.

Prefects are responsible for leading the school, liaising with staff, looking after an area of school life such as sport, choir, or chapel or looking after younger girls as a form prefect.

One girl is chosen to be House Captain and is involved in organising the House activities, matches and competitions. She is supported by a Deputy House Captain. Another important role for the House captain is organising St Nicholas’ Stalls.